Why Hire a Home Inspector

There are too many reasons why people discount having Calgary home inspections done. It seems redundant. The builder says they had their own inspector look at it already, or the seller says their agent has already reviewed the property. When you’re buying a house, the cost appears to be one you don’t have to pay. It looked OK when you walked through, so why pay someone else to look at it? If the home meets code, what is the point of hiring a Calgary home inspector? There are actually many reasons to hire a home inspector.

Discover the Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Home


The average visitor focuses on cosmetics like the staged furniture, the color scheme and minor concerns like cracks in the paint or obvious serious issues like cracks in the foundation. A home inspector is better qualified than the average home buyer to determine if there are electrical, plumbing or structural problems that could turn your dream home into a nightmare. Most people, for example, don’t know that the wiring to a garbage disposal is wrong unless the unit doesn’t work. Even more important are the discoveries of painted basements to hide water damage to the walls or new siding in one area to hide structural problems underneath. In other cases, they find do it yourself repairs to fix serious problems that could create new problems for you. And it isn’t too late to arrange a Calgary home inspection after you’ve signed the contract if you have a sale pending the home inspection. But you have to have the home inspection to find the deal breakers before you close on the home, and discover it has major repair bills you have to pay after you’ve already paid for the property.

Proper Information for Price Negotiation

A home inspector generates a report with a list of the condition of nearly everything in the house, on it and many items around it. They will point out items that need to be replaced immediately and in the short term. If the furnace is nine years into the average ten year operational life, you may be able to get a discount on the property to offset that cost. This is a common point of negotiation is a roof is in bad shape and needs repairs immediately or replacement in the next few months. You need to know that toilets or faucets are leaking before you can get the home seller to replace them, repair them or give you cash to take care of it yourself. Pointing out minor annoyances may get them fixed before you move in, helping make the home what you would love to live in.

Peace of Mind

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If Calgary home inspections find nothing wrong, you gain peace of mind instead of worrying about various details that you noticed about the home. However, most home inspections note several issues, and several dozen issues ranging from trivial to serious are common. And you want the peace of mind to know you can move in and start living your life without fear of your safety. Few people can’t identify if a fireplace is in a safe usable condition until they try to start a fire in it. Most people can’t tell if there is an overloaded circuit breaker until they plug in all their appliances and trip breakers if not see something catch fire.