What Should You Look for in Calgary Home Inspector? What should you look for when ready to hire a Calgary home inspector? What do you want in a Calgary home inspection service, and what are the warning signs to avoidsomeone?

Good Reputation


There are good home inspectors and there are not so good home inspectors. You want the good home inspectors known for finding major problems, so that you don’t buy your dream home before it turns into a home repair nightmare. You can get referrals to good home inspectors from your real estate agent, attorney, loan officer or bank. Don’t rely simply on service reviews or online referrals. It isn’t wise to simply rely on recommendations by friends or family, either, since they may not know what the
inspector they hired missed for a few more years.


You want a third party home inspector whom you are paying, not a home inspector who is beholden to a third party such as the home seller or their real estate agent. Another factor to consider is whether or not the Calgary home inspector works for a firm that may encourage them to note repairs for the home contractor to do. Use a Calgary home inspection service that is independent of a housing contractor. Ask if the person performs repairs or just home inspections to determine this.



Home inspectors focus on residential real estate, while some inspectors specialize in commercial properties. If you are looking at rural properties, you may prefer a home inspector familiar with septic tanks and water wells in addition to the building code. Ensure the Calgary home inspector is familiar with the type of real estate you are buying. Ask if the inspector is experienced in residential inspection.



Ask home inspectors how long they’ve been in business. Experienced home inspectors are better qualified to find problems hinted at by a general walk through and point out areas of neglected maintenance that may require work in the future. In contrast, the inexperienced check only what is on the checklist and nothing else. Another reason to prefer experienced home inspectors is that the best home inspectors

stay in business for years, while the less thorough or less reputable home inspectors close up shop in short order.



Only use Calgary home inspectors who are licensed. One side benefit of using a home inspector who is properly licensed is that he or she will have to have been trained and certified by a reputable organization to gain the license in the first place.


Ensure that the home inspector has general liability insurance and errors and omission insurance. Errors and omissions insurance covers cases where the home inspector missed something major, and you want home inspectors to have this for your protection. Another benefit of asking for insurance is that lack of it is a major red flag. Whether they are cutting corners by not being insured or cannot get insurance due to how many claims they’ve faced is something to research further, before you find a different home



All home inspectors will generate a report regarding the state of the property. Ask home inspectors if you can have a copy of the report in addition to the copies the real estate agents receive. Any home inspector who refuses this request should be rejected. Ask the home inspector if they will take the time to answer any sections you don’t understand or show you what they’ve noted in the report. Quality home inspectors will agree to this request, in addition to inviting you to attend the home inspection itself.


Ask the Calgary home inspector for references. This will give you a good idea of whether or not the person arrived on time, the thoroughness of their reports, whether they used the inspection as a launching pad for selling home repair services. Note however that references tend to be the person’s most enthusiastic customers. If someone doesn’t have references, this is a red flag, as are any negative things say by the referrals.